New!! Refreshing !! This non alcoholic beverage known as "The Nature Boy", is an oak-barrel brewed Caribbean drink and is cherrished by the natives for vital energy and strength.


The New Health Beverage To Hit the Santa Fe Market


Santa Fe RootsSanta Fe Roots Drink is made of six roots, herbs, & island spices brewed in oak barrel with agave nectar. It is carbonated for a refreshing Sarsaparilla flavored non-alcoholic boutique soda.


After many years of perfecting the secret recipe and identifying a unique and special combination of authentic health oriented roots and island spices, Santa Fe Roots is pleased to announce the introduction of it’s new Santa Fe Roots Drink.


Santa Fe Roots Drink is the creation of Sylko Dorsett, a Caribbean Native who moved to New Mexico in 1981 and served as a chef at several local restaurants. Upon completing his studies in the art of macrobiotic and medicinal cooking he began working on creating this delicious non-alcoholic beverage that boasts a combination of over 10 natural roots and island spices.


Santa Fe Roots Drink is an ancestral drink for the Caribbean cherished by the natives as a tonic of many healing properties. It’s a “one-of-a-kind” 100% natural beverage that enhances vital energy and strength. I’m glad to extend the initial offering exclusively to the Santa Fe community,


Santa Fe RootsDelicious and refreshing Santa Fe Roots Drink is one-of-a-kind 100% all natural energy health drink that enhances vital energy and strength and is clearly the ultimate soft-drink alternative that parents and children will enjoy while eliminating the empty calories, sugar, caffeine and harmful chemicals they contain.


Santa Fe Roots drink is made with caring hands. We use only the finest natural ingredients from around the world. Specially selected island spices and roots from Mother Earth combine to create a mysteriously great taste and natural energy boost!!


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